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Nepeta faassenii (Catmint)   'Walker’s Low' - 18-24 in. Gray-green, aromatic foliage

   with soft lavender-blue flowers. Blooms throughout the summer.

Oenothera (Evening Primrose/Sundrops)

    Fruticosa 'Youngii' - 16 in. Free flowering, large showy bright yellow flowers. Long

     blooming in the sun. 

    'Missouriensis' - 12 in. Large 5 in. lemon yellow flowers. Spreading growth habit.

     Drought tolerant. Bloom all summer evenings. 

Paeonia (Garden Peony) - A classic, dependable favorite that adds nostalgia and charm

   to the garden.

    'Alexander Fleming' - 28-30 in. Large fully double vibrant pink blooms. Fragrant. Blooms

     early summer. 

    'Bowl of Beauty' - 24-28 in. Rows of bubblegum pink petals surround creamy yellow center.

     Fragrant. Blooms early summer.

    'Duchess De Nemours' - 28-34 in. White double peony with pale yellow tints on inner petals.

     Blooms late spring. 

    'Kansas' - 32-34 in. Large, double blooms are watermelon red. Blooms late spring to early


    'Laura Dessert' - 32-34 in. Collar of creamy white outer petals around pale yellow frilly center.

     Blooms mid to late spring. 

    NEW! 'Red Charm' - 32-36 in. Incredible pure red blooms. Blooms late spring to early


    'Red Magic' - 28-36 in. One of the fullest true-red bomb type peonies on the market. Blooms

     early summer. 

Paeonia suffriticosa (Tree Peony) - 32-36 in. Huge, stunning, papery blooms.

   'Dark Red'




Papaver orientale (Oriental Poppy)

    'Allegro' - 14-16 in. Brilliant 6 in. scarlet flowers with black eyes. Compact plants with strong


    'Princess Victoria Louise' – 32 in. Salmon pink with black center. Blooms May-June.

    'Royal Wedding' – 30 in. Papery, white flouncy flowers with black eye. Large, bold-textured

     foliage. Blooms late spring-early summer.

Penstemon (Beard Tongue)

    'Husker Red' – 30 in. White flowers, deep bronze leaves.

    NEW! 'Lavender Riding Hood' - 15 in. Showy lavender-pink flowers.

    'Prairie Dusk' - 24-30 in. Rose-purple flowers. Drought tolerant. Attracts hummingbirds. 

    'Rondo Mix' - 15 in. Bright mix of colors. Blooms June-July, reblooms Sept.

Perovskia (Russian Sage)

    'Longin' - 3-4 ft. Airy spikes of lavender-blue flowers atop strong stems with small, narrow,

     silvery-green leaves. Narrower, more upright habit than other Russian Sage. Blooms


    NEW! 'Peek-a-Blue' - 24-28 in. Lacy, silvery green leaves with lavender blue flowers. A great

     fit for smaller gardens. 

Phlox paniculata (Tall Phlox) – Bright showy flowers are a staple in the perennial bed.

    'Blue Paradise' - 2-3 ft. Flowers open pale blue, darken to deep violet blue, then get red violet

     edges as they age. Mildew resistant. 

    'David' - 3-4 ft. Bright white, deliciously fragrant and highly mildew resistant.

    'Eva Cullum' - 2-3 ft. Clear pink with maroon eye. Very mildew resistant.

    NEW! 'Junior Dance' - 18 in. Coral pink flowers. Short and compact plants. 

    'Laura' - 24-30 in. Fuchsia-purple flowers with a starry white center and dark eyes. 

Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox) - 4-6 in. Very showy when planted on slopes, among

   rocks, towards the front of the border, or along pathways.

    'Atropupurea' - Fuchsia pink flowers.

    'Blue Emerald' - Lavender blue flowers.

    NEW! 'Candy Stripes' - Pink and white striped flowers. 

    'Fort Hill' - Deep pink flowers.

Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant)

    'Miss Manners' – 18 in. A petite form with white flowers. July-Sept.

    'Vivid' - 20 in. Deep pink blooms on compact shrubby plants.

Platycodon grandiflorus (Balloon Flower)

    'Sentimental Blue' - 10-12 in. Large blue flowers on compact, uniform plants.

Polemonium (Jacob’s Ladder)

    'Heavenly Habit' - 18-20 in. Glossy, ferny green foliage. Fragrant, blue blossoms. 

    'Stairway to Heaven' - 12-24 in. Green and white leaves tinged pink in spring with pale

     lavender-blue flowers. Vigorous, distinctive, & showy.


Polygonatum oderatum   'Variegatum' - 18-24 in. Arching stems lined with variegated

    green leaves with white edges. Foliage turns gold in fall. Dangling white flowers.


Potentilla nepalensis (Cinquefoil)   'Miss Willmott' - 12-18 in. Loose, woody

    clump-forming variety with strawberry-type leaves. Deep pink blossoms with crimson

    eyes. Blooms in summer.

Pulmonaria saccharata (Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage)   'Moonshine' - 15 in. Silver-white

    leaves edged with dark green. Small, pale, blue-white flowers.

Pyrethrum (Painted Daisy) see Tanacetum

Roses (Knock Out®)

    'Blushing Knock Out®' - 36 in. Mildly fragrant, glowing soft pink blooms up to 3 in. with rich

     bronze-green foliage from June to fall. 

    'Double Knock Out®' - 24 in. Rich cherry-red flowers of true double rose form on compact


    'Pink Double Knock Out®' - 36-48 in. True double flowers of fabulous fluorescent pink bloom

     in profusion from spring to frost. 

    'Sunny Knock Out®' - 36-48 in. Cheerful yellow buds fade to creamy-white blossoms. 

Rudbeckia fulgida (Black-Eyed Susan)

    'Goldsturm' - 20-24 in. Golden-yellow, daisy-like flowers have a dark brown central cone.

     Sturdy, upright habit. A very reliable perennial. July-Sept.


Sagina subulata (Irish Moss) - Creeping, moss-like, evergreen groundcover that forms a

    tight green carpet. Tiny, white flowers. Nice between stepping stones. Prefers a sunnier

    site that most mosses.

Salvia nemerosa (Flowering Sage)

    'Blue Queen' - 20-24 in. Rich violet flower spikes on tall stems. Blooms all summer.

    'Caradonna' – 24 in. Dark violet blue blossoms with deep purple stems.

    'East Fiesland' - 12-24 in. Blue violet spikes in June-July.  

    'May Night' – 16-20 in. Deep indigo-blue blooms.

    'Rose Queen' – 20-24 in. Bright rose spikes, similar to Blue Queen in habit.

Saponaria ocymoides (Rock Soapwort) - 8 in. Rampant, vigorous plants with bright pink

    flowers in late spring.

Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)   'Butterfly Blue' - 16 in. Lavender-blue flowers from late

    spring until frost.

Sedum (Autumn Stonecrop) - Tough-as-nails perennials! Drought tolerant.

    'Autumn Joy' - 20-24 in. Blooms deep rose and ages to bronze. 

    'Neon' - 24 in. Rosy-magenta pink.

    'Picolette' - 12-15 in. Small, ball-shaped clusters of pink flowers. Dark bronze leaves

     and stems.

Sedum (Stonecrop) - We have several varieties, among them:

    'Angelina' - 3-5 in. Chartreuse, needle-like foliage. Tips turn reddish-orange in fall.

     Yellow flowers.

    'Blue Spruce' – 8-12 in. Mats of blue-green pine-like foliage with yellow flowers.

    NEW! 'Lidakense' - 3-4 in. Dusty gray-blue foliage with rose-purple flowers in fall. 

    'October Daphne' - 6-10 in. Low, spreading variety. Round, blue-green leaves with

     narrow pink margins. Small clusters of bright pink flowers in early fall. Brilliant fall color.

    'Tricolor' – 3-4 in. Green and white foliage with splashes of red.

Sempervivum (Hen & Chicks)

    'Cobweb'  3-4 in. Cobweb-like hairs crisscross the blue-green rosettes.

    'Silver King' - 4-6 in. Silvery, mint-green leaves have a deep red-purple center. Pink blooms. 

Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ear/Betony)   'Silver Carpet' -6 in. Nonflowering lamb’s ear

    is low maintenance with same soft, wooly, silver-gray foliage.


Stachys monnieri (Lamb's Ear/Betony)   'Hummelo' - 18-20 in. A different stachys form,

    Hummelo forms large clumps of green, textured leaves. Sturdy spikes of lavender-rose flowers

    shoot up on tall stalks.

Stokesia (Stoke's Aster)    'Peachie’s Pick' - 18 in. Lavender-blue flowers bloom longer

    and later than other types. Deep green foliage and upright habit.

Tanacetum (Painted Daisy)   'Robinson’s Giant Mix' - 24 in. Vivid daisies on long,

     stiff stems.


Tiarella (Foamflower)

     'Spring Symphony' - 6 in. Compact mound. Divided, green leaves with black, purple

      feathering in the center. The color is most pronounced in cool weather. Lightly fragrant,

      pale pink flowers in spring.

Tradescantia (Spiderwort)   'Concord Grape' - 15-18 in. Grape-colored blooms contrast

     with frosty blue foliage.


Verbascum 'Summer Sorbet' - 24 in. Tall, sturdy stalks of purple flowers with a hint of peach

     and a dark raspberry eye.

Veronica (Speedwell)

    'Blue Bouquet' – 18 in. Tapered blue spikes with small florets, highlighted by deep

     green foliage.

    'Blue Carpet' – 6 in. Bright blue spires, dwarf groundcover. A "steppable."

    'Red Fox' - 12-15 in. Bright fuchsia pink flower spikes. Compact, dwarf habit.

    'Repens' - 2 in. Dwarf, creeping habit with bluish flowers.

    'Spicata Rosea' - 18 in. Dense spikes of tubular pink flowers which bloom in summer.

    'Waterperry' - 4-6 in. Spreading growth habit. Light blue flowers from late spring into



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