Barbara Jackman - Pale-blue flower/deep red bar. Blooms June-August.


Blue Angel - Light blue blooms from mid summer to early fall.


Blue Bird - Light blue flowers bloom from late spring to early summer.


NEW! Clair de Lune - White to pale lilac 6-7" flowers. Blooms June, July, and late August.

Comtesse de Bouchard – Large, velvet rose-pink flowers with yellow anthers. A profuse bloomer.

Ernest Markham – Large, magenta-red flowers with gold anthers. Very vigorous. Blooms July, August and September.


Fireworks - Bright to light purple flowers with a reddish pink stripe. Blooms May-June and August-September.

Florida sieboldii – Creamy-white overlapping petals with deep purplish anthers. Blooms June-August.

Franziska Maria – Free-flowering, compact double clematis with 4-6” blue-purple flowers. Exceptional performer. Blooms June through Sept.


H. F. Young - Large, blue flowers. Blooms May-June.


Haku Ookan - Deep purple, semi double flowers. Blooms May, June, and September.


NEW! Henryi - Creamy white 7-9" flowers. Blooms from June to September.


Huldine - White flowers bloom July through October.

Jackmanii – The most profuse blooming dark purple clematis. June, July and September blooming.

Jackmanii superba – Rich velvet purple 5” flowers, larger and more rounded than Jackmanii. Blooms July-Sept.


NEW! Lasurstern - Deep blue petals. Large 7-9" blooms May, June, and September.


Lincoln Star - Very pointed rasberry-red flowers/light edges. Blooms May, June, and September.


Markham's Pink - Light pink petals with fuchsia-purple undersides. Blooms April-May.


Miss Bateman - Round pure white flowers. Dark showy anthers. Very free flowering plant.


MME Baron Veillard - Lilac pink blooms in August-October.


MME Edouard Andre - Velvet red. Vigorous and profuse. Blooms July-August.

Mrs. N. Thompson – Deep blue with a bright scarlet bar. Strikingly colorful bicolor. Blooms May, June and September.


Multi Blue - Double blue/purple flowers. Late May-June and August-September.


Myojo - Velvety purple flowers with a deep red stripe. Blooms May-June and again in September.


Negritjanka - Dark plum purple flowers. Blooms July through September.

Niobe – Very dark ruby-red pointed petals with gold anthers. A true red. Blooms June, August and September.

Paniculata – Very vigorous grower with clusters of small white flowers. Blooms August-September.

Pink Champagne – Large 5” deep rosy-pink flowers, very free flowering, compact plant. Also known as Kakio, from Japan. Blooms May, June, August and September.


NEW! Pink Fantasy - Shell pink 4-6" flowers. Blooms from June to September.

Ramona – Lavender-blue flower with dark anthers. Blooms July, August, and September.

Rhapsody – Free-flowering clematis with sapphire-blue petals which deepen over the season. Blooms July-Sept.


NEW! Rosemoor - Rose 5-6" flowers. Blooms from May to September.


NEW! Silver Moon - Mother of pearl 6-8" flowers. Blooms from June to September.


Sunset - Fuchsia flowers bloom May-September.


NEW! Sweet Summer Love - Cranberry-violet blooms start over a month earlier than others.


Venosa Violacea – Tall, vigorous plants produces big vivid purple flowers in late summer through fall.


Voluceau - Red blooms from mid to late summer.


Westerplatte - Velvety-red flowers. Free flowering. Blooms June-September.


Will Goodwin - True blue flowers with overlapping petals. Blooms June-September.

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